Global Fact 8 

Global Fact 8 is around the corner (20-23 October 2021) and we are excited to get your input and pitches for our annual gathering!

If you want to contribute to this year's virtual Global Fact conference with a session pitch, please fill out this form by July 23rd, Friday and wait to hear back from us before August 6th, Friday!

Accepted pitches will be provided with instructions and tools to record, conduct, and broadcast their sessions. IFCN Staff will support the discussion leaders technically.

If you have more than one pitch to make, please fill out this form for each of them separately.

You can invite multiple people to help you submit your workshop/discussion pitch if you are pitching a session with multiple speakers.

If you have any questions, please email us at with Global Fact 8 on the subject.

Terms and conditions

  1. Workshops or discussions should be limited to 50 mınutes and include enough time for Q&A if broadcasted live
  2. Workshops or discussions should include contact details for follow-up questions in pre-recorded sessions
  3. The ‘Show & Tell’ sessions are only open to IFCN’s verified signatories. Your pitches may focus on achievements and lessons learned in the last 12 months. Your 'Show and Tell' presentation shouldn't be longer than 20 minutes. The ideal presentation time is around 10 minutes
  4. The submitter of this pitch agrees to reach out to and confirm with the additional speakers if the pitch is accepted. IFCN team will support the submitter if requested.

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